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What is gut health and why is it so important?

Most of our health problems stems from issues with the gut. For years we’ve been told that bacteria are bad for us and we need to eliminate them through the use of antibacterial products. Overprescription of antibiotics has also destroyed many peoples gut health. Your microbiome, which is found in your gut is made up of bacteria, viruses and other micro-organisms and there’s a very delicate balance between the “good” and “bad” strains. Our immune system is mainly based there too. When you have any health concern, you should really address your gut health first.

So many health conditions can develop as a result of poor gut health – IBS, inflammation, weight problems, mental health problems, constipation, cancer, intolerances and allergies are just a few. Many of my clients have contacted me months after attending one of my lessons to let me know of other benefits. One lady, Debbi called me to say that she had lost 1/2 a stone without even trying in 8 weeks! Someone else who just wanted to learn how to make sauerkraut and Kombucha emailed to let me know she no longer suffered from chronic constipation. Miracles can happen when you give your body what it needs.

My Workshops, Masterclasses and Lessons will help improve your gut health

So, why not come along and attend one of my Masterclasses? Either my Probiotic Workshop, Gut Health Masterclass, Beginners Fermentation Class or the best option Love Your Gut? Fermented foods are the building blocks needed to restore your gut. If you’ve never experienced them before, then you are in for a real treat. The flavours are just incredible. I will teach you all the shortcuts I’ve learnt over the years and demystify the whole process. You’ll be a pro in no time at all. And everyone goes home with a gift too.

Master Classes

Make Your Own Probiotics

Save yourself a fortune and improve your health at the same time. Forget buying expensive supplements every month...

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Improve Your Gut Health

Do you know the importance of your gut health? The route of most health problems stems from problems with the gut...

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Beginner's Fermentation

Discover how easy it is to make your own cultured vegetables and fruit. We will be making a selection of fermented foods...

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Love Your Gut

Do you know the importance of your gut health? Spend 4 hours discovering just how to love your gut.

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My latest testimonial

  • Fran Clarke
    Julie's Raw Foods Masterclass was exactly what I needed! She oozes with vitality and healthy and helpful information and offers it in a way that is user friendly. Her recipes are easy to implement and delicious! All of that wrapped together by her kindness and enthusiasm! What a deal! I want more! Thank you, Julie, for a fantastic morning.
    Fran Clarke from Lafayette, Louisiana in the United States of America
  • Tamsen English
    I highly recommend going if you are interested in taking control of your health in an easy, tasty and cost effective way. I have been to only one of Julie's workshops but would love to go on all of them!
    Tamsen English - The Holistic Weight Loss Coach
  • Jane McNamara
    “Julie at Improve Your Health is an amazing and very knowledgeable and inspiring lady. The workshops are brilliant and very informative and relaxed and I would highly recommend. Enjoyed the very tasty lunch of Raw Pad Thai salad and Raw Key Lime Pie (we did it with lemons and it was delicious). Feeling happier and healthier.
    Jane MacNamara from Abbotskerswell attended the Real Health Workshop

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