About Me

Why I do what I do

I've had my health problems over the years. Many in fact. In 2000 I had a skydiving accident and was told I might never walk again due to a broken femur and smashed pelvis. I proved them wrong, and 8 months later I was back jumping again. The constant pain even when lying down was terrible though, but that didn’t stop me going on to do another 500 odd skydives.

Another set back

Then in 2009, I heard the words that every woman dreads. "You have breast cancer". I had surgery but decided that chemotherapy, radiotherapy and drugs weren’t going to help me and so I didn't have them, instead, I made a number of simple but profound changes to my diet and lifestyle.

Unexpected results

It was a couple of years into my new regime that I realised that the pain from the accident had totally gone and a number of other “side” effects had occurred. My frequent migraines had stopped, my varicose veins had reduced, my digestive problems disappeared, my skin tone and texture improved, my stress levels reduced dramatically, and I had a new zest for life. Wow. Powerful stuff.

Simple changes

It’s these changes that I share through retreats, workshops and also talks and demonstrations that I do throughout Devon and beyond. I teach using my own personal experience and the knowledge gained from my thousands of hours of studying. I've helped thousands of people take back control of their health and my aim is to inspire and empower as many people who will listen.

Author of two books

I have written and published two books - 'From Cancer to Clear - my eight eye openers to improve your health' which is available from Amazon and 'Deliciously Healthy - quick and easy recipes to improve your health' available by clicking here.

More personal details

I've lived in Paignton for all my 53 years on this glorious planet. My two children have flown the nest, and I have a wonderful partner, John, and we've been together for 13 years. My main passion is in the field of natural health after discovering the profound effect it can have on one’s health. I love nothing more than helping others to improve their health which I do by being an investigative health researcher, natural health coach, running bespoke retreats and my Masterclasses.

I take a great interest in my clients and care very much about them, paying attention to their physical and emotional needs. Through these values, I can help people to take control and transform the way they approach and feel about their lives. Why not call me on 07901 764488 and come along to one of my Workshops?