The problem with candida

Once I felt I had got my diet sorted out, something else would come along and for a long time, I found my weight dropping as more things were excluded. I had had a problem with the toes on my right foot peeling and after reading about candida I did more research and found that excess of it can have a contributing factor in cancer. So it was very important to me to be candida free.

How to test yourself

There is a test you can do yourself to see if you have the problem. When you first wake up the very first thing you do is to spit into a glass of water and leave it for 15 minutes. If at the end of the time your saliva is floating you are fine! However, if there are bits floating in the water or sticks coming down from it, or it even falls to the bottom of the glass then you need to do something about it.

My anti-candida diet

At t, at point I went on an anti-candida diet which was very hard. This went on for at least 6 months. The basis of my diet was no dairy or beef, 90% organic, chicken once a week, lamb once a month, 4 eggs a week, and no processed food. However, whenever I did the spit test it was still there.

It was only when I was told that the body works beautifully and that I had high levels of mercury and that was why my body was producing candida to protect me that another big penny dropped. I addressed the mercury problem and the candida problem took care of itself.

The answer

All those months I had put myself through such a strict diet and all it took was some tiny Chlorella tablets! My poor body was doing its best to protect me. In the days BC, I ate tuna fish every day for lunch and had done so for at least 9 years, so the mercury problem was no surprise to me.