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My main passion is in the field of natural health. I'm passionate about it because I've experienced the profound effect it can have on one’s health. I love nothing more than helping others to improve their health and experiencing the results I did. I'm also an investigative health researcher, natural health coach, host of bespoke retreats and author of 3 books.

You will get the help you need and be inspired to make the necessary changes. Nothing beats personal experience and over the years I've had my health problems. Now I use this experience together with knowledge gained from my thousands of hours of studying. I did it the hard way. Now I can help guide you in the easy way to take back control. Let me help you.

Initially, I ask that you commit to spending two hours with me during which I will end your confusion about what works and what doesn't and inspire you to take action. I'll start you on your way and after implementing my suggestions you will FEEL the difference. Two hours that could change your life with an investment of £95.

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Follow up sessions are usually one hour or if you would rather 30 minutes can be arranged.