Detoxifying You and Your Home

Don't overlook this vital step on your health journey

THE most important thing you can do for your health is to make sure your body is eliminating toxins effectively and not absorbing more unnecessarily from your environment. I will be talking about a huge variety of subjects, including dry skin brushing, infrared saunas, water filtration systems, castor oil packs, enemas, colonics, hot and cold tubing/showering, vibration plates, materials used for furniture and cleaning chemicals. Personal care products will also be discussed and alternatives given to help you make informed choices.
This Masterclass runs for 2 hours from my home in Goodrington, Paignton on either Wednesday, Thursday or Friday any time up to 7 pm but if those timings don’t work for you please call me on 07901 764488 and I’m sure we can work out a convenient time.You will have individual attention and the time will be tailored to you.

The investment is £97 pp.

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Call me on 07901 764488 to book your place.


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