Dilys Gannon-Bone

I first met Dilys through a recommendation. I was so impressed by her and she inspired me to re-train in Natural Nutrition. She has finally retired at the age of 76. I was very saddened to hear this but happy for her.

Dilys first told me about Juice Plus and what an amazing "supplement" it was. I looked into the independent research that has been done and was totally sold on what a marvellous aid to recovery and excellent health it was. I have been taking it since early 2010.

Should you wish to talk to Dilys about cancer and Juice Plus please go to my contact page and send me your contact details and I will do my best to put you in touch with her.

Dilys has given me her permission to re-produce her story as follows : -

How it all started

When the threat of death stares you in the face, you experience many emotions, fear – perhaps not of dying, but of losing life. Anger – ‘Why should it happen to me?’ ‘It’s not fair’; panic – ‘What shall I do?’ ‘I feel helpless.’

I’m not sure how long I sat there contemplating the prospect of suicide for I was sure that I had within me the resources to deal with this. At that moment life felt not only cruel but without hope.

My various emotions turned to anger at those medical people who had told me I had but a short time to live. ‘How dare they tell me I am going to die. Only God has the right to make that decision.’ I took from my briefcase a notepad and pen and began writing down what I really wanted. What were the positive aspects of my life (the resources) that would now help me through this crisis? I knew I had choices. What were some of the choices, my life was offering me? I decided there and then to walk down a different avenue, after all as Joel Wallach always says – there is always the operation. Other people had chosen the route of natural medicine, why then should I not explore this same path?

Instead of booking myself back into the hospital, I walked into the nearest travel agent and bought myself a ticket for America. I was now in the first stages of recovery – deciding that there was an alternative.

I had not had colonic hydrotherapy for many years, so I faced my first treatment with some apprehension. Like so many people of my generation I had been swayed into thinking that ‘modern’ methods were best and ‘old fashioned ideas’ outmoded. It is only recently that I have recalled some of the things my father taught me about the benefits of colonic hydrotherapy.

Having been an ardent fan of ‘health’ clinics, I had anticipated that I would be sitting around all day in a white fluffy dressing gown, enjoying the benefits of the various treatments. Nothing was further from the truth. I arrived at my destination in the dark and the first thing that struck me was the quality of the air – and I likened it to champagne. At the same time I could smell the scent of various animals and hay, so I realized that this was not a health farm, as such, but a healthy farm. Indeed, in the morning I discovered not only the usual farm animals around, but emus and ostriches in the fields. I had never eaten either emu or ostrich meat, nor had I sampled their eggs, but I was to do both in the intervening weeks I spent on the farm.

Every day started with a green drink full of healing herbs and vitamins to boost the immune system. This was followed by a daily colonic, with the exception of Sundays when the colon and, presumably, the practitioners were rested. I had not really looked forward to the first session of colonic hydrotherapy and like most people questioned the theory that it was necessary to have it daily if I was to recover. However, after talking things through with the doctor, I was convinced that his methods were correct and tried to accept that I needed to follow this procedure as part of my healing process. I listened to the stories of those around me, people who had been in ‘deathlike’ situations many years previously and yet here they were back again for more treatment several years later, at the same time leading normal lives.

At the end of the second week, after days of colonic hydrotherapy, good nutrition and injections that were sometimes painful, there was a dramatic incident. Normal colonic hydrotherapy does not smell, but the incident that took place left both the practitioner and myself retching for two or three minutes whilst she opened the windows and removed the last vestige of smell from the room. I cannot begin to describe the mess and smell that shot out of my body, but to me it was like black rotting metal that had been lying stagnant for a long time. After this I felt shaken, weak, nauseous and yet extraordinarily different. After another four days of treatment a similar incident took place, but less dramatic and not nearly as emotional.

From that moment I realized I was on my way to recovery. My recovery took some three visits to the farm. To this day I am still vigilant with my colonics and give myself a weekly session, in order to stay free of ‘disease’. In addition to this I try to keep to a healthy eating pattern with plenty of supplements.

Often when I say to people that I give myself a weekly colonic, they make the remark that it sounds a bit ‘excessive’. My mentor Dr. Paul advocates this form of self-help and as he is 95, I feel he is living proof of his own theories. At the age of 95 one would expect a person to be stooped and perhaps a little frail. Dr. Paul is neither stooped, nor is he frail. He rises each morning at 5 or 6 a.m. His day is spent either with those seeking to improve their health or in researching new methods of healing. The work on his farm also occupies much of his time during the day. His face is the face of a much younger man – looking more like 64 – without the wrinkles one would normally expect at this time of life.

The medical profession would say that I am in ‘remission’. I like to think that I am in ‘transformation’. I have been given a wonderful opportunity to help others, for which I am truly thankful.