I first had a Thermogram in February 2010, about 5 months after starting to change my life and the results were reasonable and the report said to be re-tested in 3 months time.

When I went back after changing more things and having eaten a natural diet for 8 months there was a marked improvement in the results. I was advised at that time to return on a yearly basis.

The year was up in June 2011 and the results this time were amazing. Both breasts were completely blue – a sign that there is normal activity, the closer to red in any areas shows areas for concern.

If ever I needed proof that all the changes were working, this was it. If you would like to see the images please go to the Thermogram images page. I went back to see my NHS consultant in July and showed him the pictures - he agreed that if I kept having Thermograms done I needn't return to see him! I am now free of yearly visits to the Breast Clinic.