Could Grounding or earthing as it's sometimes known as have an effect on our health and wellbeing? In 1998 Clinton Ober's initial question was whether a direct connection with the Earth could have an impact on health. He wanted to know whether separation from the Earth, by wearing shoes with an insulating sole, could contribute to our un-wellness. We almost always wear shoes and rarely, if ever, have our feet connected to the bare soil, or grass. Years ago shoes used to be made of leather and when damp there was a connection to the Earth. Clinton produced amazing evidence demonstrating that Earthing generates a powerful and positive shift in the electrical state of the body. This state restores natural self-healing and self-regulating mechanisms.

What is grounding?

Earthing allows a transfer of electrons, which is the Earth’s natural subtle energy, into the body. Inflammation is caused by free radicals and these free radicals can be neutralised with electrons from any source. Electrons are the source of the neutralising power of antioxidants. You have to ask the question, "Why is the health of Western world failing so dramatically?" Could it be because we are no longer receiving the electrons from the Earth? I don't believe that it is quite that simple. Our way of living has changed dramatically and the other areas are important too.

Earthing Studies

In the Earthing studies, involving thousands of individuals, there is consistent evidence of people whose pain has been reduced. Such a reduction of pain is evidence, but not proof that inflammation is reduced. However, the studies point clearly in that direction. Some changes you can make can be hard but Earthing is such an easy one to incorporate. The very best way to receive these electrons is to walk barefoot every day for at least 20 minutes on damp grass, but with the climate in the UK, this isn't always possible. What I do, is to sleep on a Grounding sheet, so that the whole time I am sleeping I am connected to the Earth. Also, when I'm sat at my desk I use a Grounding mat. Various other products are available.