Electromagnetic Fields's EMF's

Electro Magnetic Fields

Electromagnetic fields are around us almost all the time. Your cordless telephone and Wi-Fi are massive contributors to this and need to be looked at. Do your own research and make up your own mind. However, even if you aren’t totally convinced and don’t want to change this, at the very least turn them off at night - at the very least, what harm can it do?
We are electrical beings and with all the modern technology we use almost constantly it hasn’t been around long enough for us to know the long-term effects.

Things to consider

Mobile phones

Do not carry your mobile phone near your body and when you are using the phone for calls use the speaker function whenever you can. A number of ladies have started carrying their devices in their bra strap and as a result, a number of cancerous tumours have been discovered in the same shape as the phone. Scary. So keep your phone away from your body. Even the instructions that come with your phone will tell you to keep it away from the body. Have a read of your instruction manual. Turn it off at night or at the very least move it to another part of your home.


Use an earthing sheet or walk barefoot on the grass or the sand by the sea. The earth gives off electrons and they have a massive positive effect on our health and wellbeing. Nowadays we are so isolated from them that by connecting with the earth on either damp grass or sand can help with health problems. Find out more about Earthing by clicking here. The book Earthing by Clint Ober is excellent and worth a read.

What you can do

You can buy special paints for your walls to protect yourself and drapes you can sleep in. They are expensive and a cheaper alternative is a grounding sheet for your bed. In the book, Grounding mentioned above, Clint explains in detail how important it is to literally ground ourselves with the earth. There are many other devices you can buy to help ground you. and a great one is a mat you rest your feet on when using electrical devices.


To sum up there are safety measures that you can take to help reduce your exposure to electromagnetic fields. Consider unplugging and turning off all electrical appliances when they are not being used, take breaks when you might have to work for prolonged times on computers and TVs, keeping all electrical appliances at least 6 feet away from your bed, moving your mobile phone to another room at night or even turning it off, and using electrical appliances for as brief periods as possible. Walk barefoot outside on grass or sand for 20 minutes a day if possible.

Indoor plants can be very beneficial because they are able to absorb some of the fields and radiation whilst at the same time producing negative ions which are necessary for our bodies. They look beautiful too!