Energy Fields and Acupuncture

Energy Fields

I have always believed in the body having energy fields and I was recommended to try acupuncture. Again I fell back to the internet because I didn't know anyone to recommend a good practitioner and came across Wendy Morrison.

Wendy Morrison

My first appointment with her was amazing. Nobody knows more about me and my medical history than Wendy. She was so professional and thorough and obviously believed that the whole person needs to be looked at rather than individual ailments. This was the first time that I had been treated in this way and my eyes were opened to how everyone should look at their health.

The only thing we disagreed about was cooked and raw food. From the research I had done a diet of mainly raw food - at least 75%, was the way to optimise your health. Cooking, even lightly steaming vegetables kills the enzymes and a lot of the vitamins. Wendy believes in the Chinese way of eating and encouraged me very strongly to eat more cooked foods.

At this time I was juicing carrots and was turning a little bit orange so I agreed to cut down on the raw foods and settled at about 60% raw.

To start with I went to Wendy once a week and then, twice a month followed by monthly visits for about a year and I would have loved to carry on with monthly appointments but by then my money had run out.