As much as possible of my food is organic, around 90% and now about 60% raw. However, I try to have a warm cup of soup with raw foods because according to Chinese medicine I have a tendency to be cold and damp and should eat lightly cooked foods but I feel I need the nutritional value from raw.

I eat mainly a plant-based plant-based and of that 95% are vegetables. I try to limit grains - Quinoa is ok as it is a seed. I do eat bread and try to avoid wheat, preferring spelt, but only once a week or so.

Dairy is a big no- no.
I avoid sugar and sweet things because of the sucrose and fructose.
The only oil I heat is coconut oil as all the others change their molecular structure and are really bad for you.
All water is filtered and mostly ionised.
Green tea is virtually the only hot drink I have. Although very occasionally I will have a black coffee or New Earth coffee alternative, which are just lovely.
I do drink alcohol but it is bad for you, I try to limit it to once a week and if possible organic red wine, although I do occasionally have a HUGE G&T!
I have 15 grams of organic 85% chocolate every day - not good but not so bad either.
Occasionally I will have fish and chips when I go out - really bad for you but I am human!
For breakfast I have either a juice or smoothie or raw chia seed porridge.
Lunch is a massive salad full of greens and sprouted seeds, sometimes with humus, egg sandwich (once a fortnight) or wild caught salmon. If I am having a cold lunch then I have a cup of miso soup with it. Sometimes a stew of vegetables.
Dinner is another massive salad, with something like a vegetable chilli, curry or stir-fry,
For snacks I usually have a piece of my homemade flapjack which is full of nuts and seeds, or my chocolate chickpea brownies.
I do eat organic meat about twice a week but never, ever pork.
The only soya I eat is fermented like miso and tamari.