Bespoke Food Demonstrations

Create your own bespoke food demonstrations

Come and discover how easy health, delicious food can be to make. What tastes delights would you like to see demonstrated? All FREE from dairy, wheat, refined sugar and unfermented soya and all created to improve your health. Have fun creating your very own bespoke food demonstrations. So many choices, so why not consider attending one a month to increase your menu choices massively.

Take your pick from any of the following:-

Breakfast Idea’s
Lunch Suggestions
Dinner Suggestions
Side Dishes
Interesting Accompaniments
Afternoon Tea
Raw Chocolate Cakes
Sweet Treats
Picnic Time
BBQ Idea’s
Moroccan Delights
Cajun Spice
Indian Takeaway
Thai Takeaway
Mexican Fiesta
British Classics
Zorba the Greek
Vietnamese Cuisine
Italian Bellissimo
Japanese Noodles and Sushi
Chinese Takeaway
Savoury Snacks and Dips
Handbag Treats

How to create your own bespoke food demonstration

For groups of between 4 and 6 people, I'll spend 2 hours demonstrating how easy it is to make some mouthwatering dishes. Just £25 each to include tastings, recipe sheet, organic tea and lots of tricks and tips to boost your immune system. Why not get 3 friends and come along? Call me on 07901 764488 to discuss what you would like. no-repeat;center top;; auto real-health_sec2

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