Do you know the importance of your gut health?

The route of most health problems stems from problems with the gut. Learn why you need a healthy digestive system and the health benefits you can gain from having one.

Improve your overall health

This is an area that is often overlooked when improvements to health are wanted. IBS, inflammation, weight problems, mental health problems, constipation, cancer, intolerances and allergies are just some of the issues that can develop. Why not come along to my Gut Health Masterclass and find what simple changes you can make? So many simple tips and tricks that I will go through with you and we will make some fermented vegetables and Kombucha - a delicious drink.

A little gift

You will take away a little kit with you that will enable you to make your own Kombucha and a jar of the fermented vegetables that we will make. I will also supply you with an information pack about the theory we will cover.

This Masterclass runs for 2 1/2 hours from my home in Goodrington, Paignton on either Wednesday, Thursday or Friday any time up to 7 pm but if those timings don’t work for you please call me on 07901 764488 and I’m sure we can work out a convenient time.You will have individual attention and the time will be tailored to you.

The investment is £97 pp - make sure you sign up for my Newsletter because I often have a special offer just for my subscribers.

Once you have attended this workshop then the next step is my Beginner's Fermentation Masterclass where you will learn how to make some amazing dishes including nut cheese, spicy cucumber, Kimchi, lemons Kefir and much more.

Call me on 07901 764488 to book your place.


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Just a couple of testimonials for you to read

Jacqueline Horsfall - from Torquay who attended the Gut Health Workshop said : -

I really cannot recommend Julie's gut health workshop highly enough! The morning workshop surpassed all expectations. I came away armed with knowledge, inspiration and practical skills and tips to start my new journey in discovering how I can achieve greater health, energy and vitality to support myself during the next chapter of my life. I really didn't have any idea just how important gut health is! Thankfully I do now! Julie has extensive knowledge and shares it in a clear, concise, easy to follow manner. Her passion on the subject shines through. I felt inspired and motivated. Julie kindled an excitement in me, which sadly has been very lacking in recent years, to open myself to learning more about the choices available to us with foods, and to experimenting with alternative food choices to gain greater gut health, and overall health and happiness benefits. I am definitely booking in next for her "Raw Food Lessons" Workshop.

Rebecca Box from Torquay attended the Gut Health Workshop and said:

"Thank you Julie, you have helped make this time of transition much easier for me by sharing your knowledge and enthusiasm in such a loving and professional way. Attending your workshop has been amazing for me. I am loving making and drinking the Kombucha. My brownies have improved and I've even made cashew nut ice-cream to go with them. Fermented vegetables are improving to."

Improve Your Gut Health