Inspiring Lives Through Change

Sarah Neighbour has such an inspirational story to share. She has lost almost an incredible 9 stones in weight and it all started with one change. It doesn't have to be hard or complicated to improve your health and wellbeing; just take one step today, even if it's a mental one to take control and start. Keep reading ...
Being big never really bothered me. What hurt was the unkind attitudes of others. Even doctors would use my weight to lay blame on me for health problems which had no connection. My equally big friend was going through the same struggle and persuaded me to sign up with a nutritionist she was seeing. I didn't see the point in it and thought I was already eating healthily: pasta, rice etc. but I went along. I soon found out that the things I had thought healthy weren’t. I discovered what really was healthy and about proper portion control. What kept me going was how easy and delicious the recipes our nutritionist gave us. Slowly, my excess weight started to come off. It dawned on me: if I get these results without really trying very hard, how well could I do if I really committed to this? ​After my sessions with the nutritionist, I moved on to a group program. I found myself digging into everything I could find out about healthy eating. The biggest myth-busting fact I discovered is that it isn't about keeping track of the number of calories. What matters far more is where the calories come from: a hundred calories from fresh strawberries are totally different to those in a packet of crisps!
As my progress continued, my worst nightmare started transforming into a dream-come-true. People no longer make unkind comments. Instead, they remark on how different and healthy I look. Personally, I feel no different inside. I'm still the person I always was. But what did shock me and still does - in a most pleasant way - is the difference in clothing sizes: finding that an item I really like actually fits me! That is taking some getting used to. My personal target in shedding excess weight was always the number on the labels inside my dress, more than the number displayed on the weighing scales. I never thought it would be possible but I am getting there as I persist with my changes towards increasingly healthy eating. It feels fantastic the way people now treat me more kindly. My social life has blossomed, with new, more loving friends. Maybe it only takes half as much effort for others to relate to someone only half the size she used to be? I've even attracted a stable, loving boyfriend. I never dreamed that such a wonderful person would ever ask me for my number! There is still a little way to go to reach my target dress size, but I will. My new goal will then become staying that way. It's no longer just about looking good, being slim and toned; it's also about feeling great as my health improves. My tips for anyone struggling with the same problems:
  • Don't give up. Real change that lasts comes slowly.
  • Don't be afraid to ask for help. Lots of people want to help you and they can.
  • Don't think anything is impossible.
Even when you slip up and gain back a little weight (accept that sometimes you will) or when there seems to be little change, remember this:
You’re still heading towards your goal
as long as you keep trying.
Remember also the successes that you have managed so far however small they may seem. If you did that once, then you can do it
again... and again... and you will."

I'll be sharing another inspirational story soon ...