I started to juice vegetables just after my operation and due to the high cost of my food bill ended up buying organic carrots in bulk and juicing mainly those. It really shouldn't have surprised me that my palms and skin turned a very fetching shade of orange!

At this point I decided that eating between 15 and 20 portions of organic vegetables was probably enough and I didn't need to juice as well. My bank balance had taken enough of a battering with all my changes and I felt I needed to be a little gentler on it!

I put my juicer on ebay and sold it for virtually what I paid for it!

Over the coming months I bought various gadgets with the Vitamix being the most expensive. The Vitamix does so many things, and the marketing hipe says you don't need most of your preparation gadgets and it can even make juices. Around this time I thought I would give juicing another go and use my Vitamix instead of buying another juicer. However, I wanted to do it the healthiest way and made juices with just broccoli, spinach and lemon - vile! It was also quite thick as all the fibre remained. Needless to say I went off juicing again and carried on using my machine for the things it does best, such as nut cheesecakes, nut butters and amazing banana ice-cream.

When I had my amazing stay at the Obsidian Retreat many of the guests were on just juices and I had 2 a day, with a vegan dinner. They did use a lot of apple but they very kindly made mine without it. It was here that I first had real lemonade. So refreshing.
Since coming home I have come to the conclusion that sometimes your body needs a "hit" of pure goodness without the added burden of processing the food. One evening I was watching Ideal World and Jason Vale was selling a Phillips juicer for the same price as I had sold my old one for and it was on 2 easy payments! Jason really inspired me and I bought another machine. I don't know why but I started to look at other Phillips juicers and decided that I should have bought the Phillips HR1871/00 Avance. My friend Karen at the same time decided she wanted a juicer and Argos had sold out so she had mine and I upgraded! The new machine is so easy to clean, - it literally takes 60 seconds. Almost every day now I am making a delicious juice and my daughter has even started talking about doing a juice week to help her lose weight. YouTube has some excellent demonstrations of Jason juicing and if you lack motivation he will definitely help you. His site also has many recipes - Juicemaster