Living Water

The water that pours so freely from our taps is dead and polluted; some people try to improve it with jug filters or by switching to bottled water. The smaller filter jugs with carbon cartridges are adequate, and remove some chlorine and heavy metals but I personally have a whole house water filter.

It is very easy to spend a fortune on bottled water, much of it of questionable quality, especially if in soft plastic bottles. Bottled water will inevitably absorb chemicals from the plastic. If you are going to buy bottled water at least make sure it's in glass bottles, however, it is still not living water.a
Viktor Schauberger was an incredible man and who made an extraordinary contribution to knowledge of the natural world. in the early 20th century. He discovered that Nature uses a vortex to bring water alive and this movement allows water to draw in more refined energy from the quantum field.

The Schauberger website has more information on Schauberger and Simply Living sells various products to make your water living again.