Mercury Poisoning

We live in a toxic world and mercury is the second most toxic element on the planet. It is so poisonous that no amount of mercury absorption is safe - any amount is harmful to the cells and tissues of the human body. It is a poison that appears in our environment more often than we realize and more often than we would like to acknowledge.
The following are all sources of mercury poisoning, air and water pollution, adhesives, batteries, chlorine bleach, cosmetics, fabric softeners, fish and seafood, floor wax, fungicides, hair dyes, laxatives, mercury thermometers, amalgam fillings, paint, plastics, pesticides, suppositories and tattoos.

For about 9 years BC I used to eat tuna fish every day, which is a high source of mercury and had a number of amalgam fillings, some of which were very large. I no longer eat tuna and if I am eating fish try to eat the smaller species because they have been in the sea far less and so are lower in mercury. Fairly soon into my journey I saw a mercury free dentist - James Willis, who removed all my fillings and replaced them with white ones and 3 crowns. An expensive business, but I knew my body wouldn't be able to heal unless this area of my health was sorted out.

Associated Symptoms of Mercury Poisoning/Toxicity

Mercury poisoning can be mild to debilitation and symptoms can include, brain fog, chronic headaches, fatigue, fever, frequent colds, forgetfulness, gastric disturbances, hearing problems, high blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, lack of coordination, metallic taste in mouth, muscle weakness, nervousness, pains in the chest, parasites, restriction of visual view, ringing in the ears, irregular breathing, speech disorders, tingling in the hands and feet, tremors and vertigo.

Associated Diseases/Disorders

Many diseases and disorders can have their roots with mercury poisoning and the following are some : - Allergies, Alzheimer’s, anaemia, anorexia, asthma, candida, chronic fatigue syndrome, epilepsy, hypertension, insomnia, kidney diseases, multiple sclerosis, neuritis, paralysis, Parkinson’s and rheumatoid arthritis. Treatment

The primary treatment for most heavy metal toxicity is chelation therapy. Chelating agents are substances that go through the body to attract and bind heavy metals to be excreted. Chelating agents are usually given in pill form but may also be given intravenously, by suppository or by injection. Chlorella tablets worked for me.