My Journey Back To Health

"You have cancer". Those three words changed my life. For the better!

The Diagnose

In the spring of 2009, I had an itch near my armpit and I thought I had found a minuscule lump but after some more prodding around I couldn't find it again. I never gave it another thought until July 2009, when I had another itch and this time the lump was quite easy to find. It was still very, very small and I debated whether to visit my GP or not.

The fact I was on holiday made my decision for me, as I didn't have to take any time off work so I called and went in that very same afternoon. The doctor assured me that it didn't feel like a cancerous lump but she wanted me to go to the hospital to be on the safe side.

A few days later I was having a mammogram, ultrasound and examination. Nothing was picked up on the mammogram. The ultrasound and examination confirmed my finding, but again both the doctor and ultrasound practitioner said it all looked normal and not to worry, but they did do a biopsy.

10 days or so later I returned to be told that there was abnormal cell activity and they wanted to do a further core biopsy to determine if it was cancerous. Those 10 days seemed like forever. When the time came to return I wasn't surprised when as I was ushered into the doctor’s room, a nurse and another doctor came in with me. I just knew it was cancer before he told me.
As crazy as it sounds I had always known that I would get cancer. In hindsight, if I had known that, why didn't I change my diet and lifestyle to prevent it? I was from the school of thought that thinks medical doctors know best with their surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy and the only way of beating the disease was to follow their advice. My diet was good and I ate lots of vegetables and fruit with very little processed food, went for a bicycle ride every day, and did Pilates 3 times a week. I never got ill and whilst everyone around me would go down with various colds, coughs and flu, I seemed to be immune so I must have been healthy, or so I thought!

The Dairy Connection

I went home and broke the news to my family. My brother told me about this amazing lady who ran a support group where he lived and asked if I minded if she called me. 5 minutes later Judy Geison was on the phone to me and was just wonderful. She advised me to cut out dairy from my diet immediately and explained briefly why. That simple suggestion changed my life.

I went from being powerless to having a purpose and then my purpose was to confirm or disprove that dairy was very bad for you if you had breast cancer. It became apparent very early on that Judy was right and by the end of that night I had made the decision to avoid it at all costs.

Very briefly, milk is designed to make a baby calf grow to full size in 9 months. IGF 1, the growth hormone that does this, is going to make cells in your body grow quickly too. Not great if you have cancer. I grew up believing that you needed a certain amount of dairy in your diet or your bones would suffer. How wrong was I! The countries in the world that have the highest levels of osteoporosis also have the highest consumption of dairy. The countries that have the lowest levels also consume the lowest amounts. No other species drinks milk after the young have been suckled so why do we? Most of the world is actually intolerant to lactose.

Meeting Phillip Day and Refusing Radiotherapy

I had surgery, but when I went to see the oncologist to discuss chemotherapy, radiotherapy and drugs he made me feel very foolish to even suggest taking any natural cures.

It was about this time that I went to a talk on cancer by Phillip Day at a local hotel and in the interval, I approached him and discussed the cancer I had had. I asked him if he thought I should have radiotherapy to which he replied "no". I very much respected him and so went on to find out more information on what it actually does to the body.

The oncologist had made it very clear that there was a time limit for it to be effective and so I went up to the hospital to be measured up. I wanted to be sure I was making the right decision and hadn't finished all my research yet. I was in floods of tears, my whole body screaming out to me to get out of there, but I was measured up and tattooed with two tiny little black dots, which a very kind man - Dave from Q-Factor, in Torquay has recently removed for me.

As soon as I got home I had made the decision not to proceed. I knew then to trust my instincts.

A very good decision.

However, because the cancer I had was oestrogen receptive I was advised to have my ovaries removed, which I did.

A very bad decision.

I woke up after the operation and carried on reading my book - Knockout by Suzanne Somers only to find out 15 minutes later just how important your ovaries are. I don't usually do "if only's", but if I had read that before the operation I would have cancelled it and done some further research.


It took a while to become comfortable with the no dairy rule and I read many books on the subject including Professor Jane Plant’sexcellent books, including "Your Life In Your Hands" and the "The Plant Programme".

This then got me interested in the rest of the food I was eating and very quickly I tried to eat mainly organic food. The amount of pesticides in our food has grown to alarming levels and nutritional levels are falling.

As I discovered more and more things, the thing that surprised me was that most people - myself included, BC, led a balancing act with what they eat and do, to "get by" health wise.


Once I felt I had got my diet sorted out, something else would come along and for a long time, I found my weight dropping as more things were excluded. I had had a problem with the toes on my right foot peeling and after reading about candida I did more research and found that excess of it can have a contributing factor in cancer. So it was very important to me to be candida free.

There is a test you can do yourself to see if you have the problem. When you first wake up the very first thing you do is to spit into a glass of water and leave it for 15 minutes. If at the end of the time your saliva is floating you are fine! However, if there are bits floating in the water or sticks coming down from it, or it even falls to the bottom of the glass then you need to do something about it.

At that point, I went on an anti-candida diet which was very hard. This went on for at least 6 months. The basis of my diet was no dairy or beef, 90% organic, chicken once a week, lamb once a month, 4 eggs a week, no processed food and absolutely no sugar. However, whenever I did the spit test it was still there.

It was only when I was told that the body works beautifully and that I had high levels of mercury and that was why my body was producing candida to protect me that another big penny dropped. I addressed the mercury problem and the candida problem took care of itself.

All those months I had put myself through such a strict diet and all it took was some tiny Chlorella tablets! My poor body was doing its best to protect me. In the days BC, I ate tuna fish every day for lunch and had done so for at least 9 years, so the mercury problem was no surprise to me.

Energy Fields and Acupuncture

I have always believed in the body having energy fields and I was recommended to try acupuncture. Again I fell back to the internet because I didn't know anyone to recommend a good practitioner and came across Wendy Morrison.

My first appointment with her was amazing. Nobody knows more about me and my medical history than Wendy. She was so professional and thorough and obviously believed that the whole person needs to be looked at rather than individual ailments. This was the first time that I had been treated in this way and my eyes were opened to how everyone should look at their health.

The only thing we disagreed about was cooked and raw food. From the research I had done a diet of mainly raw food - at least 75%, was the way to optimise your health. Cooking, even lightly steaming vegetables kills the enzymes and a lot of the vitamins. Wendy believes in the Chinese way of eating and encouraged me very strongly to eat more cooked foods.

At this time I was juicing carrots and was turning a little bit orange so I agreed to cut down on the raw foods and settled at about 60% raw.

To start with I went to Wendy once a week and then, twice a month followed by monthly visits for about a year and I would have loved to carry on with monthly appointments but by then my money had run out. I now see her 4 times a year when the seasons change.

Other Contributing Factors

My research uncovered other areas I needed to look at including personal care products, cleaning chemicals, Electrical Magnetic Fields, water purity, stress, mercury poisoning and sleep.

The healing of the whole person was a lot bigger than I had first thought. I spent hours each day reading information from books and the internet.

At this point, I was boring friends and family with all this new fascinating information I was finding out. Most people I spoke to seemed to think they were doing ok, as had I. However when you look below the surface things were usually not right.

My diet used to have a high percentage of fruit and vegetables but nothing was organic. I used a microwave all the time - in the evening I would cook a meal, then clean up the kitchen and then reheat my dinner. A week's worth of white rice was cooked in a plastic bowl and kept in the fridge until needed. I ate chicken breast and lean minced beef and pork but again not organic. Although I rarely bought any ready meals all grains were refined. Almost every evening I would have a large glass of wine, sometimes 2. I did use to drink a least 2 litres of tap water but this wasn't even filtered.

Wendy my acupuncturist suggested that I had discovered so many things and seemed so passionate about them that I should look at taking things further but when I asked her if she had any idea's she said I needed to think for myself. No easy way out!


It was only when I found an amazing lady called Dilys Gannon-Bone for colonic treatments that I realised I would retrain as a Nutritionist. She was so inspiring to me and at 76 full of wisdom.

The search then began for a course that fitted in with everything I had found out. It was at this point that I came across the College of Natural Nutrition and it was like a light bulb had suddenly been lit.

I read Cellular Awakening the book written by Barbara Wren, the principle, over the weekend and everything I had learnt over the last 18 months fitted together.


I first had a Thermogram in February 2010, about 5 months after starting to change my life and the results were reasonable and the report said to be re-tested in 3 months time.

When I went back after changing more things and having eaten a natural diet for 8 months there was a marked improvement in the results. I was advised at that time to return on a yearly basis.

The year was up in June 2011 and the results this time were amazing. Both breasts were completely blue – a sign that there is normal activity, the closer to red in any areas shows areas of concern.

If ever I needed proof that all the changes were working, this was it. If you would like to see the images please go to the Thermogram images page. I went back to see my NHS consultant in July and showed him the pictures - he agreed that if I kept having Thermograms done I needn't return to see him! I am now free of yearly visits to the Breast Clinic.

The Importance of Vitamin D

Throughout the last couple of years I have found out more and more about the importance of Vitamin D. Ever since my early 20’s, so for the last quarter of a century, I have avoided the sun and always worn sunscreen, due to the fear of getting skin cancer (and wrinkles!). Now I find the whole situation laughable because otherwise, I would cry.

I had listened to the cancer charities and the government and it now turns out I was being given totally wrong information which had almost cost me my life. I am now having my blood checked on a regular basis to ensure my 25 hydroxy levels are optimised.

Dr Mercola has an excellent hour long on-line presentation regarding the importance of Vitamin D - this is the link to it.

If you want a 5-minute information taster this clip is an excellent introduction

I now sunbath - it feels amazing to feel the warmth of the sun on your skin. I never let my skin burn; just enough exposure for the skin to just start turning pink. What is really interesting is that now I have changed my diet and lifestyle I no longer burn. My body is producing its own sunscreen! Vitamin D is only made in the skin when your shadow is shorter than you, so mid-day is the best time, contrary to the advice we are given! Most sunscreens are full of toxic chemicals so bare skin is the way to go. Don't be frightened too much about skin cancer as it turns out that most people who get this type of cancer (and all others) are deficient in Vitamin D! DON'T BURN. A vital thing to remember is that this amazing vitamin is fat soluble and takes up to 48 hours to be made in your skin. Therefore if you have a shower and use soap it will all be washed down the plughole! Use your soap on the bits that don't see the sun and you will be fine.

In the UK it is very hard to optimise your 25 hydroxy levels with sun exposer alone so I take a good supplement. Recommended supplement levels are just 800 iu's but most people use around 4,000 iu's a day, so where the recommended levels come from I have no idea. I personally take 10,000 iu's and this appears to be what my body needs.

It is very difficult to get your doctor to agree to test your levels but the Pathology Department at Birmingham City Hospital will test your levels with a pinprick test you do yourself at home for £28. Or I always have a supply of the test so just call me on 07901 764488.


The human body wants to be healthy and is designed to work beautifully if it is given everything it needs. The human race thinks it knows better than nature and medicine today is all about treating the symptoms with drugs rather than looking at what is causing the symptoms in the first place.

I am now no longer frightened of cancer and it is a very liberating, safe feeling.