My Vitamin D Levels

In a perfect world any body with levels less than 125 would be counted as deficient with optimal levels of between 125 - 175. If you have had cancer or ill health the optimum level is between 175 and 200 nmols. There is some confusion as in the US they use a different scale to nmols, which is what is used in the UK. If you are looking at a site based in America you need to multiply the figures by 2.5 to get to nmols.

I have no doubt that my levels were exceptionally low when I found out about the cancer but I didn't have my first test until December 2009 and my levels were 127 nmol. At this point I had already been supplementing with 5,000 iu's per day. I increased the levels to 15,000 and over the next few months managed to get to the magic level of 200! However, just 4 months later after the winter my levels had dropped to 125 nmol so I increased my supplements to 30,000 a day for a month. At this point I was tested at 300 nmol's. Help! I just stopped taking any supplements for a month and got retested and I was down to 185. Twice a year I test myself and aim to between 175 and 200 nmols

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