Other Contributing Factors

My research uncovered other areas I needed to look at including personal care products, cleaning chemicals, Electrical Magnetic Fields, water purity, stress, mercury poisoning and sleep.

The healing of the whole person was a lot bigger than I had first thought. I spent hours each day reading information from books and the internet.

At this point I was boring friends and family with all this new fascinating information I was finding out. Most people I spoke to seemed to think they were doing ok, as had I. However, when you look below the surface things were usually not right.

My diet used to have a high percentage of fruit and vegetables but nothing was organic. I used a microwave all the time - in the evening I would cook a meal, then clean up the kitchen and then reheat my dinner. A weeks worth of white rice was cooked in a plastic bowl and kept in the fridge until needed. I ate chicken breast and lean minced beef and pork but again not organic. Although I rarely bought any ready meals all grains were refined. Almost every evening I would have a large glass of wine, sometimes 2. I did use to drink a least 2 litres of tap water but this wasn't even filtered.

Wendy my acupuncturist suggested that I had discovered so many things and seemed so passionate about them that I should look at taking things further but when I asked her if she had any idea's she said I needed to think for myself. No easy way out!