Real Health

Confused about your health?

The Real Health Masterclass is a wonderful starting point for taking back control of your health.
My passion is running personal Masterclasses so you can see how easy it is to incorporate various, effective changes into your life. Once you have an understanding of how empowering simple changes can be on your health there will be no holding you back! Improved sleep, more even moods, increased energy, a new zest for life, reaching your ideal weight easily and effortlessly plus a decreased risk of developing one of the many chronic diseases that seem to be affecting a greater percentage of the population.

One day that could change your life

I usually run this Masterclass on Fridays from 10 am to 3 pm, but if another day would suit you better then that isn't a problem - just call me on 07901 764488 and we can talk through various options.

The day includes

  • Simple changes you can make that are either free or cost pennies a day
  • Discussion about juicing and smoothie making and which would suit you best
  • Raw food lesson - you make our mouth-watering, taste explosion lunch!
  • Why current guidelines are making us sicker
  • Ways to save money
  • Where to shop
  • An information pack with recipes and details of all you have learnt throughout the day and lots, lots more.

Bespoke and tailored to your needs

If you have a specific area you would like me to concentrate on, such a weight loss, or how to make quick simple dinners then just let me know and I will tailor the day to suit you.

The investment is £197 pp.

Call me on 07901 764488 to book your place.


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Just a few testimonials for you to read

Jane MacNamara from Abbotskerswell said the following: -

Julie at Improve You Health is an amazing and very knowledgeable and inspiring lady. The workshops are brilliant and very informative,& relaxed and I would highly recommend!! Enjoyed the very tasty lunch of Raw Pad Thai salad and Raw Key Lime Pie (we did it with lemons and it was delicious). Feeling happier & healthier.

Dan Nuttall, from Preston, Paignton wrote the following :

"Helen and I both took a lot of great advice away from your workshop and have implemented real change into our lives.

You'll be pleased to hear we have a regular batch of kombucha on rotation! All the scoby's can be traced back to the one you gave us! We really enjoy the taste and the probiotic benefit of the drink. I'm going to have buy more Kilner jars as it quickly runs low, despite being on a permanent brewing cycle.

We have bought a Jason Vale "Fusion" juicer and regularly juice / make smoothies. I'm a huge advocate of both juicing and smoothies and have got my mother into it after we invited her round for juices and smoothies of varying concoction!

Sugar - in it's refined form - is completely out of the household. The only source is a bag for brewing the kombucha. I now take zero sugar in tea, coffee and never add it to cereal or anything else. It's a pleasant surprise just how fine everything tastes without sweetening it; it goes to show how much we have been conditioned in our society. The only source of sugar is the naturally occurring fructose in the fruit we eat. There are no biscuits, crisps, chocolate, puddings, cakes in the house and the only time we indulge is if we're guests at someone's house or similar.

I still train hard on the bike and have noticed an increase in speed and endurance. I put this is part down to the changes I have made thanks to your guidance. The only downside is what seems an ever changing wardrobe as I keep shaving off the pounds! I was a size large about four to five years ago, now I'm almost on the edge of extra small! (That's great for cyclists though!)"
Chris Avery from Torquay said "I'm in much better shape than I was when I came to your workshop.

My cough is almost gone and my eyesight has improved greatly. So much so that now I'm wearing glasses that were prescribed for me 7 or 8 years ago. The macular degeneration that was developing in my right eye has now totally gone."

Hazel Self, from Torquay had this to say after attending :

"I have attended one of Julie’s Real Health Workshops and it was an absolutely fantastic day. I couldn’t believe the amount of information we were given! Julie’s enthusiasm is infectious and her level of knowledge is incredible. Julie is clearly passionate about her subject and it is clear that she wants to share this knowledge and passion to improve the health and wellbeing of others. One of the aspects I particularly liked was the fact that Julie kept the energy of the workshop flowing with different activities and sessions. I didn’t want the day to end! The value for money was exceptional, this is a workshop jam packed and busting at the seams with content! Although there is a lot of learning, Julie’s delivery is natural and she makes everything easy to understand. Julie feels like a friend from the start and it is easy to warm to her relaxed yet confident style. I left the workshop feeling energised, informed and excited! The workshops are ideal for all levels of knowledge and those new to taking steps to improve their health shouldn’t hesitate – everyone was made to feel welcome and everyone learnt a lot. I would highly recommend Julie and her Real Health Workshop to anyone! A great day is in store!"

"Julie's Real Health Workshop was a profound, nourishing and stimulating day for me and she shines as a beautiful healthy example of the results of living altruistically in body mind and spirit. She is so committed and dedicated to sharing something wonderful and magical that she has discovered borne out of her own manifesting of cancer. She is generous in the extreme working as hard as she does to share her discoveries and knowledge." Wendy Mason from Torquay.