Most people take their sleep for granted until they are deprived of it for any reason. However, I don't think the majority of people know the best way to ensure they are getting enough good quality sleep. For instance did you realise that you need to sleep in a TOTALLY dark room? If you can't get your room completely dark then why not use an eye mask. There are some great moulded ones available that really do cut out every last scrap of light.

Removing any electrical devises from your bedroom is a good start and ideally you don't want any within 6 feet of where you sleep.
An hour before bedtime you should really turn off the TV and computer and ideally have a warm relaxing bath, read a book or meditate. If you really must use your computer install a program which removes the blue light from your screen. F.lux is a good one and it is free too.

Eating 3 hours before sleep is best avoided so that you can digest your food before your body goes into sleep mode.

Alcohol although will make you get to sleep faster will result in disturbed sleep and dehydration which is what causes a hangover.

What you sleep on and in is very important. Metal springs in a bed aren't a good idea as they can effect any electrical currents. I used to have a 100% natural latex bed but I found it too hard and so have now changed over to a toxin free memory foam mattress which is heaven. My bed linen is 600 thread count cotton and the duvet is made from natural wool. I use a buckwheat pillow.