In an ideal world where the soil is looked after properly and toxic pesticides and herbicides aren’t used, and a truly healthy diet is eaten, then there would be no need for any supplements. We don’t live in an ideal world though, and our soil has been plundered by industrial agriculture so the terrain is now deficient of the minerals needed for good health. Modern agriculture usually only replaces Nitrogen, Potassium and Phosphorous into the soil because this is what produces quick results. When Phosphorous is mined a by-product is produced called fluoride which is highly toxic. Guess what happens to the toxic fluoride? It is added to water supplies and dental products. The mining companies even sell their industrial wastage! There is an excellent 10 minute presentation by Mike Adams explaining all –
Fluoride Presentation

Obviously organic farming and bio-dynamic farming has more respect for the land and if you want your body to enjoy good health you should have respect for the food you eat and how it is grown.

In cases of ill-health certain supplements can certainly help and when I was first diagnosed with cancer I started taking a number of supplements each day. If you decide you would like to supplement your diet, the obvious way to do this is with natural supplements and not artificial ones. Wholefood or food state is my preferred choice. Read the label and do your research.

I currently take Vitamin D at a dose of 7,000 iu’s a day – but only because I am having my levels checked regularly.

Cytoplan's Q10 Multiviamin and Mineral capsules.

Krill Oil is another one I take at doses of 1000 mg daily. It is very important to take this form of Omega 3 with protein, so that your body utilizes it correctly.