June 2016 I was found to have a severe deficiency- so I was prescribed vitamin D, I saw you after, and you recommended a higher dose. Since significantly improving my intake and sunshine where possible I have not had to have antibiotics or steroids for my asthma in the last 18 mths. I would regularly have issues with my asthma and bouts of bronchitis and would need the meds every 3-4 months or so. So not only has it improved on those counts I have also been able to stop my Montelukast meds too! Don't get me wrong I still have asthma and still have to manage it, but it's a vast improvement!! I give my kids vitamin D in a spray form too! My hands also very rarely cramp up and lock now too which I think may be due to this too.

The other thing you suggested was Probiotics, so although I've not begun on the fermented foods yet I have at least been regularly taking them in pill form. This has made an incredible difference to my IBS too. I have gone from having to go to the loo with diarrhoea ( sorry) 7-8 times a day on a bad day, with lots of embarrassing wind through the day to most weeks having 1-2 bouts a WEEK on bad weeks! The wind has lessened too!

So another lot of great advice from yourself too! So thank you! Xx

Melissa Denham

I suffered with digestive issues for YEARS and they all alleviated like magic when I had Julie's fermented food. I can't believe what I suffered and the worry for all that time.

The other day my jar smashed into the floor...Nooooooooo...and my digestion has got worse again! So I had to learn how to do it myself. Julie’s fermented foods are like gold and are just what are needed to help with digestive problems.

I have been on several of Julie's food courses, and I am also on my third copy of her recipe book (because friends keep stealing them) and my daughter and I are still making some of the dishes regularly. The Quinoa pizza is a staple in our house as is the raw blackberry cake!

Thanks Julie, your enthusiasm is contagious and you make it all easy!

Sarah Jennings Dare to Be

Julie's Raw Foods Masterclass was exactly what I needed! She oozes with vitality and healthy and helpful information and offers it in a way that is user-friendly. Her recipes are easy to implement and delicious! All of that wrapped together by her kindness and enthusiasm! What a deal! I want more! Thank you, Julie, for a fantastic morning.

Fran Clarke from Lafayette, Louisiana in the United States of America. Hello to Life

THANK YOU so much for all this information..you have inspired me so very much. I am buzzing from the thought that finally, I have found someone to share a new way of eating and to teach me simply so I get it completely.

Had such a wonderful day today creating in your kitchen doing a Masterclass in Raw Food and learning all sorts of scrummy things with cooked food too. I had a chance to practically have a go at something that I had thought was so complicated and hard to learn...nope not difficult at all...it was awesome and we produced a banquet in the hours I was there. I am totally inspired. I am a visual learner so to be shown all these top tips was great. It actually was so simple and your such a fabulous teacher.

Took some goodies home and my mum tucked into it too and she really enjoyed her first taste of some of the dishes we made. This was the menu: Raw Key Lemon Pie, Raw Pad Thai, Falafels, Courgette Wraps, Scarlet Salad, BlackBerry and Apple Crumble, Cashew Cream, Chocolate and Chickpea Brownies and Thai Chicken and Rainbow Vegetable Stir Fry. Looking forward to next week and coming to your Beginners Fermentation Class and Improve Your Gut Health. Thank you Julie for your patience and incredible knowledge. I loved it. 💖

Suara Sound Healing

Laura attended my 'Love Your Gut Masterclass' and said the following: -

"Thank you for sharing your expertise and enthusiasm. The food is delicious and we have taken so many great tips, foods and essential ingredients away with us. Fermented Nut 'Cheese' is going down a treat too and kombucha and kefir happy in their new homes.

Thank so much for all of your help in setting us on a healthier path ahead!Thank you, Julie.

Laura Evans, from Newton Abbot

Sam attended my 'Love Your Gut Masterclass' and had the following to say: -

"Loved it! Relaxed, informal atmosphere which I like."

Sam Sunshine

,Anne experienced the Beginners Fermentation Workshop

Amazing! Thank you so much, for your energy and enthusiasm and patience with us.
And for our take-aways.
I made Stephen try the ‘cheese’. He has high cholesterol so is not allowed cheese, but he loved it. Then I told him it was nuts … big success! So thanks again.

Anne Rainbow the founder of Red Pen Editing

Jane MacNamara from Abbotskerswell attended the Real Health Workshop and said:-

“Julie at Improve Your Health is an amazing and very knowledgeable and inspiring lady. The workshops are brilliant and very informative and relaxed and I would highly recommend. Enjoyed the very tasty lunch of Raw Pad Thai salad and Raw Key Lime Pie (we did it with lemons and it was delicious). Feeling happier and healthier."

"I highly recommend going if you are interested in taking control of your health in an easy, tasty and cost-effective way. I have been to only one of Julie's workshops but would love to go on all of them!"

Tamsen English - The Holistic Weight Loss Coach

"Julie's Real Health Workshop was a profound, nourishing and stimulating day for me and she shines as a beautiful healthy example of the results of living altruistically in body mind and spirit. She is so committed and dedicated to sharing something wonderful and magical that she has discovered borne out of her own manifesting of cancer. She is generous in the extreme, working as hard as she does to share her discoveries and knowledge."

Wendy Mason from Torquay.
"Just to let you know that I am really enjoying the vegetables – fermented and Kimchi. Having them as a little garnish every day so far. I ended up using the liquid from the cucumber in a stirfry – not right I know but it was so good. I chopped the cucumber even more and added some of my homemade yoghurt – it was an extremely tasty dip. The lemons are wonderful and I am having some every day too. My lunch plates have looked very different in the last few days thank to your good self!!! Thanks for a great workshop."

Theresa Kingsley-Dobson

Hazel Self - from Torquay attended the full day Real Health Workshop said : -

"I have attended one of Julie’s Real Health Workshops and it was an absolutely fantastic day. I couldn’t believe the amount of information we were given! Julie’s enthusiasm is infectious and her level of knowledge is incredible. Julie is clearly passionate about her subject and it is clear that she wants to share this knowledge and passion to improve the health and well-being of others. One of the aspects I particularly liked was the fact that Julie kept the energy of the workshop flowing with different activities and sessions. I didn’t want the day to end! The value for money was exceptional; this is a workshop jam packed and busting at the seams with content. Although there is a lot of learning, Julie’s delivery is natural and she makes everything easy to understand. Julie feels like a friend from the start and it is easy to warm to her relaxed yet confident style. I left the workshop feeling energised, informed and excited. The workshops are ideal for all levels of knowledge and those new to taking steps to improve their health shouldn’t hesitate – everyone was made to feel welcome and everyone learnt a lot. I would highly recommend Julie and her Real Health Workshop to "anyone! A great day is in store!"

Chris Avery from Torquay had the following to report

"I'm in much better shape than I was when I came to your workshop.

My cough is almost gone and my eyesight has improved greatly. So much so that now I'm wearing glasses that were prescribed for me 7 or 8 years ago. The macular degeneration that was developing in my right eye has now totally gone."
Jacqueline Horsfall - from Torquay who attended the Gut Health Workshop said : -

"I really cannot recommend Julie's Gut Health Workshop highly enough! The morning workshop surpassed all expectations. I came away armed with knowledge, inspiration and practical skills and tips to start my new journey in discovering how I can achieve greater health, energy and vitality to support myself during the next chapter of my life. I really didn't have any idea just how important gut health is! Thankfully I do now! Julie has extensive knowledge and shares it in a clear, concise, easy to follow manner. Her passion on the subject shines through. I felt inspired and motivated. Julie kindled an excitement in me, which sadly has been very lacking in recent years, to open myself to learning more about the choices available to us with foods, and to experimenting with alternative food choices to gain greater gut health, and overall health and happiness benefits. I am definitely booking in next for her "Raw Food Lessons" Workshop."

Dan Nuttall, from Preston, Paignton wrote the following : -

"Helen and I both took a lot of great advice away from your workshop and have implemented real change into our lives.

You'll be pleased to hear we have a regular batch of Kombucha on rotation. All the scoby's can be traced back to the one you gave us! We really enjoy the taste and the pro-biotic benefit of the drink. I'm going to have buy some more mason jars as it quickly runs low, despite being on a permanent brewing cycle.

We have bought a Jason Vale "Fusion" juicer and regularly juice / make smoothies. I'm a huge advocate of both juicing and smoothies and have got my mother into it after we invited her round for juices and smoothies of varying concoction!

Sugar - in its refined form - is completely out of the household. The only source is a bag for brewing the Kombucha. I now take zero sugar in tea, coffee and never add it to cereal or anything else. It's a pleasant surprise just how fine everything tastes without sweetening it; it goes to show how much we have been conditioned in our society. The only source of sugar is the naturally occurring fructose in the fruit we eat. There are no biscuits, crisps, chocolate, puddings, cakes in the house and the only time we indulge is if we're guests at someone's house or similar.

I still train hard on the bike and have noticed an increase in speed and endurance. I put this is part down to the changes I have made thanks to your guidance. The only downside is an ever changing wardrobe, as I keep shaving off the pounds! I was a size larger about four to five years ago and now I'm almost on the edge of extra small! (That's great for cyclists though!)"

Rebecca Box from Torquay attended the Gut Health Workshop and said:

"Thank you Julie, you have helped make this time of transition much easier for me by sharing your knowledge and enthusiasm in such a loving and professional way.

Attending your workshop has been amazing for me. I am loving making and drinking the Kombucha. My brownies have improved and I've even made cashew nut ice-cream to go with them. Fermented vegetables are improving too."
and other people have been saying the following:

“Really brilliant content. I've learnt some life enhancing information, which will be put into practice straight away and used for the rest of my life”.

"Excellent and thought provoking content, which was very well explained in all aspects”.

“Lots to think about and changes to make. Lunch was lovely. Really enjoyed the day”.

“Lovely relaxed friendly style. Great content and very diverse. Great to have handbook for reference. I didn't want the day to end”.

"I first met Julie 8 years ago when she attended one of my Workshops. She was uncertain of which route to take so that her body could heal from one of life's most serious illnesses - natural or conventional. Thankfully she decided to change her diet and lifestyle. Over the following years she has kept in contact with me and I have been extremely impressed with her wealth of knowledge and the way she has turned her life around. The Thermogram images she has done yearly certainly back this up. Julie's passion now is helping others and she has created a number of Health Workshops to educate and assist others to take control too. I can highly recommend them if you want some practical guidance along your own journey."

Phillip Day is an investigative journalist, international speaker and author of 14 books on health. His research includes seeking out the most effective treatments available today, in use by the most successful clinics, and distributing that information to as many people as possible. Phillip believes in taking responsibility for one’s own health and that "prevention is worth a ton of cure at a thousandth of the cost."

If you would like to talk to any of my clients about the workshops then numerous ladies and gentlemen have said they would love to talk to you and answer any questions you might have.