The Dairy Connection

I went home and broke the news to my family. My brother told me about this amazing lady who ran a support group where he lived and asked if I minded if she called me. 5 minutes later Judy Geison was on the phone to me and was just wonderful. She advised me to cut out dairy from my diet immediately and explained briefly why. That simple suggestion changed my life.
I went from being powerless to having a purpose and then my purpose was to confirm or disprove that dairy was very bad for you if you had breast cancer. It became apparent very early on that Judy was right and by the end of that night I had made the decision to avoid it at all costs.

Very briefly, milk is designed to make a baby calf grow to full size in 9 months. IGF 1, the growth hormone that does this, is going to make cells in your body grow quickly too. Not great if you have cancer. I grew up believing that you needed a certain amount of dairy in your diet or your bones would suffer. How wrong was I! The countries in the world that have the highest levels of osteoporosis also have the highest consumption of dairy. The countries that have the lowest levels also consume the lowest amounts. No other species drinks milk after the young has been suckled so why do we? Most of the world is actually intolerant to lactose.