Thermogram Images

It is advisable to look at all three scans on the screen at the same time to appreciate the changes. The first Thermogram was taken 5 months after surgery. The changes to my diet and lifestyle I had made were fairly small in hindsight. My right breast was the one where the cancer was found. You can see the area is yellow with a small amount of green. If I had had the Thermogram taken when I had active cancer the area would have shown up as red. The left breast is showing healthier tissue but is not brilliant. The second scan was 3 months after the first one. I was still making more changes to my diet and lifestyle. You can see both breasts have more areas of blue, with the right one having far less areas of yellow. A big improvement in 3 months.

Scan 3, taken nearly 2 years after the lump was found shows massive changes in the health of the breast tissue. There are hardly any areas of yellow and the blue areas are significantly larger and darker.

Although I had surgery these results are without chemo, radiotherapy and on-going drugs. Diet and lifestyle changes alone are responsible for what you see in these images.