Vitamin D

Throughout the last few years I have found out more and more about the importance of Vitamin D. Ever since my early 20’s, so for the last quarter of a century, I have avoided the sun and always worn sunscreen, due to the fear of getting skin cancer (and wrinkles!). Now I find the whole situation laughable, because otherwise I would cry.

I had listened to the cancer charities and the government and it now turns out I was being given totally wrong information which had almost cost me my life. I am now having my blood checked on a regular basis to ensure my 25 hydroxy levels are optimised.

I now sunbath - it feels amazing to feel the warmth of the sun on your skin. I never let my skin burn; just enough exposure for the skin to just start turning pink. What is really interesting is that now I have changed my diet and lifestyle I no longer burn. My body is producing its own sunscreen! Vitamin D is only made in the skin when your shadow is shorter than you, so mid-day is the best time, contrary to the advice we are given! Most sunscreens are full of toxic chemicals so bare skin is the way to go. Don't be frightened too much about skin cancer as it turns out that most people who get this type of cancer (and all others) are deficient in Vitamin D! DON'T BURN. A vital thing to remember is that this amazing vitamin is fat soluble and takes up to 48 hours to be made in your skin. Therefore if you have a shower and use soap it will all be washed down the plughole! Use your soap on the bits that don't see the sun and you will be fine.

In the UK it is very hard to optimise your 25 hydroxy levels with sun exposer alone so I take a good supplement. Recommended supplement levels are just 800 iu's but most people use around 4,000 iu's a day, so where the recommended levels come from I have no idea. I personally take 7,000 iu's and this appears to be what my body needs.

It is very difficult to get your doctor to agree to test your levels but the Pathology Department at Birmingham City Hospital will test your levels with a pin prick test you do yourself at home for £28. Or I always have a supply of the test so just call me on 07901 764488.