Vitamin D

I truly believe if you do nothing else to improve your health but optimise your vitamin D levels then you have made a wonderful start. The only way to do this properly is to get tested via Birmingham City Assay Department, the cost is just £28. However, all the latest research suggests that supplementing daily with 5,000 iu's will help and you can buy a years supply for around £15. You need Vitamin D3 not D2.

In an ideal world you would get all the D3 you needed from the sun but this is very difficult and for years we have been told that the sun causes skin cancer. However, contra to popular belief
skin cancer is due partly from people not having enough exposure to the sun and as a result being deficient in Vitamin D. In a nutshell the sun omits UVA nad UVB rays and the ones that form the magic D3 are the UVB ones, but they are only there when the sun is at its strongest - on a hot day in the summer after 11am and before 3pm. If you sunbath outside of these times you are only getting the cancer forming UVA rays. Now when do most people sunbath?

You have got it - before 11am and after 3pm.

Lots of cancer forming rays but no Vitamin D3. This vitamin which is actually a steroid hormone takes 48 hours to properly assimilate on the skin so if you then go in and shower using soap you are washing the vitamin down the plug hole before it has had a chance to form.

Just remember not to burn, the aim is to stop just before you turn pink.

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